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Crawl space insulation

Benefits of crawl space insulation

  • Less moisture in the house
  • Dry and warmer floor
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Your investment is recouped within a few years
  • Better for the environment
  • Increase in home value due to a greener energy label
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Sustainable solution

Crawl space insulation presents a sustainable remedy against cold, moisture, and drafts. By establishing a dry air barrier between the crawl space ground and the floor, it effectively combats mold, pests, and musty odors. We achieve this barrier through the application of HR++ insulation beads, promoting sustainability while harmonizing indoor humidity levels. This approach not only enhances living comfort but also reduces energy consumption, leading to noticeable savings on your utility bills.

Crawl space insulation material

Our ground insulation method involves applying a layer of Unipearls HR++ insulation beads to the crawl space floor. This keeps the air temperature under the insulation low, thereby minimizing moisture evaporation from the ground and creating a drier environment overall.

The versatility of this technique makes it suitable even for confined crawl spaces, ensuring optimal performance regardless of water levels.

Return on Investment

Investing in crawl space insulation yields returns comparable to an 8% savings account interest rate, according to calculations by Milieu Centraal. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of insulating the crawl space with HR++ insulation beads makes it an attractive proposition for homeowners seeking long-term savings.

Subsidies for crawl space insulation

Similar to cavity wall, attic, and flat roof insulation, crawl space insulation may qualify for subsidies. Since 2023, eligibility criteria have been streamlined, eliminating the requirement for multiple insulation measures to access subsidies. However, opting for multiple measures can increase the subsidy percentage, maximizing the benefits for homeowners. For one measure, the subsidy percentage would be 15% of the total cost; for two measures or more, it would increase to 30%.

About Unipearls HR++ insulation beads

Unipearls HR++ insulation beads are crafted from expanded polystyrene, featuring a gray hue and thousands of closed cells. This design prevents the ingress of water vapor or liquid, ensuring durability and resistance to rot or mold. At Nu Isoleren, we exclusively utilize insulation materials of the highest quality, coupled with certified expertise, to deliver unparalleled results.

Advantages of Unipearls HR++ Insulation Beads:

  • Water-repellent properties
  • Lightweight and buoyant nature
  • Prevents damage to structural elements
  • Promotes a dry and warmer indoor environment
  • Enhances indoor air quality and comfort
  • Acts as a deterrent against pests
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Reduces indoor moisture levels

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