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  • Significant savings on your energy bills
  • Up to 30% subsidy
  • Your house insulated within 1 day
  • 25 year warranty
Ben Mulder
Ben Mulder
Zeer fijn eerlijk en duidelijk bedrijf. Snel en goed te werk gegaan. De gaatjes zijn perfect dicht gevoegd En rondom fijn opgeruimd Top bedrijf👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Marco Speksnijder
Marco Speksnijder
Vriendelijke jongens en werken snel en netjes. Alles netjes opgeruimd. We merken echt het verschil. Normaal ging de cv met 1 graad boven nul wel 3x aan in de nacht om het op 15 graden te houden. Nu is het s' morgens nog steeds 18 graden zonder dat de cv aangaat.
Jack van Wijk
Jack van Wijk
We zijn bijzonder tevreden over de spouwmuurisolatie door NuIsoleren. Bij het eerste bezoek werd ruim de tijjd genomen om ons te informeren en we kregen een scherpe offerte. Vandaag hebben ze 100 m2 muur van onze bungalow geisoleerd, en we zijn diep onder de indruk. Zeer professioneel, heel snel, netjes en vriendelijk. De gaten zijn onzichtbaar weggewerkt in onze witte muren, en na afloop werd alles perfect schoon opgeleverd (en als toegift werden zelfs de blaadjes van ons gazon geblazen). Diep respect voor Stefan en Joshua!
Gert-Jan Hehemann
Gert-Jan Hehemann
Goede offerte goed werk.
Vandaag zijn ze geweest voor onze spouwmuurisolatie. Medewerkers zijn netjes te werk gegaan en hebben ons van te voren goed geïnformeerd. Alles helemaal schoon achter gelaten, zelfs het dak van de overkapping schoon gespoeld. Wij zijn tevreden!
stefan vanegmond
stefan vanegmond
Top bedrijf kan niet anders zeggen ruimen alles goed op zodat de klant niks meer hoeft te doen
Erik Van Nunspeet
Erik Van Nunspeet
Zeer tevreden met wat er geisoleerd is ,in later stadium deel 2 van de zijgevel fijne mensen en komen afspraken na al met al 5 sterren
Marjan Goenee
Marjan Goenee
Alles netjes volgens afspraak, goed verricht voor een goede prijs en alles keurig achtergelaten
Ahmad Fareed
Ahmad Fareed
I had a confirmed appointment with them to give me a quote on 3rd of March. They didn't show up and never contacted me before or after! Update: They called me after 2 weeks and sent me the offer which I have to say is very competitive. Apparently there was a miscommunication and they used the wrong email address. Will give another update if there is more to mention.

Nu Isoleren

More living enjoyment, lower energy costs

You want to insulate your house. A wise choice! Insulating your home ensures lower energy costs and an increase in your living enjoyment. Which type of insulation will save you the most? We are happy to advise you! Our insulation company offers several options for insulating your home.

The insulation possibilities:

Cavity wall insulation

We can carry out both cavity insulation and subsequent insulation for you. Old material can simply be left in place!

Crawl space insulation

Let us insulate the crawling space of your house; the rising cold, moisture and other inconveniences will be kept out of the house.

Flat roof insulation

We install flat roof insulation on and under the roof covering, or on top of the existing insulation layer.

Attic insulation

A lot of heat is lost through the upper part of your house. We can counteract this with attic insulation.

Impregnating facade

Impregnating your facade makes your wall waterproof, so that the cavity insulation is not affected.

Up to 30% subsidy for insulating your home

With the increasing cost of gas prices, insulating your home is a smart move. Not only does it contribute to energy efficiency, but it also offers financial incentives in the form of subsidies.

The subsidy for energy-saving measures, including home insulation, can reach up to 30%. This means that by implementing insulation measures, homeowners can potentially recoup up to 30% of the associated costs. The subsidy structure is designed to encourage the adoption of multiple energy-saving initiatives. For instance, undertaking a single insulation measure entitles you to a 15% subsidy. However, when implementing two or more insulation measures, the subsidy escalates to the maximum of 30%.

At Nu Isoleren, we extend our services beyond insulation to encompass comprehensive solar panel installation on your rooftop. This integrated approach enables homeowners to maximize energy savings while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our insulation advisor is happy to visit you to thoroughly assess the inside and outside of your home and discuss all the options available for your property. This way, you’ll know exactly where you stand and what it can mean for you when you decide to insulate your home.

Note: Since January 1st, 2023, an energy label C is mandatory for office buildings in the Netherlands. For insulating your office building, you’ve come to the right place with us!


Welcome to Nu Isoleren from Waalre, the Netherlands, your go-to specialist for insulating residential and commercial properties! Creating a comfortable and energy-efficient living or working space is paramount, and quality insulation plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Whether you’re considering an upgrade for an existing property or planning insulation for a new construction project, our team boasts the expertise and experience needed to meet your unique insulation requirements.

Home insulation

Why insulation, you may ask? Firstly, insulation ensures optimal thermal comfort by retaining heat during the colder months and keeping interiors cooler in the warmer seasons. This translates to reduced reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to substantial energy savings. Moreover, investing in insulation contributes to environmental sustainability by curbing CO2 emissions. Thus, not only do you cut down on utility bills, but you also play a part in building a greener future.

Beyond energy efficiency, insulation offers a myriad of additional benefits. By minimizing external noise, it enhances the acoustical comfort of your space. Furthermore, it promotes better indoor air quality while mitigating the risk of moisture-related issues such as mold growth.

Which areas of your property do you want to insulate?

At Nu Isoleren, we recognize the unique characteristics of each property and offer a diverse range of tailored insulation solutions. Whether it’s cavity wall insulation, flat roof insulation, attic insulation, floor insulation, or crawl space insulation, our seasoned professionals guarantee meticulous installation using top-of-the-line materials.

Certified insulation company

As a certified insulation company, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our team members are certified experts who stay abreast of the latest insulation techniques. Additionally, we maintain close partnerships with reputable suppliers to ensure that only the finest materials are utilized in our projects.


Ready to take the next step towards a more energy-efficient and comfortable living or working environment? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nu Isoleren today for a complimentary consultation. Our knowledgeable advisors are on hand to guide you through the process and help you find the ideal insulation solution that aligns with your needs and budget.

Experience the benefits of home insulation and embrace the joys of an energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable living or working space!

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